As much as we love to trend on social media, let’s also trend with caution and not forget the effects of the things we trend whether true, false or fictionRecently in the close of the year 2020 and now 2021, there has been several stories on broken homes which resulted from the DNA test results saga.

Some of us are writing and sharing stories from the comfort of our homes without taking prior concerns of the effect of the things we share on social media about relationships and lifestyleTo us, we think we are just trending but we don’t care about the truthfulness in what we share and we do them ignorantly

In another sense, the stories might be true but do you know what it has done to several marital relationships?I am writing this as a matter of deep concern to the emotional trauma it has raised in several homes, broken relationships and loss of trust among spouses.

I evidently witnessed a man who had sent his wife packing because he suspects her of cheating, confronted her and because she kept denying, he angrily sent her packingIn another story, a guy angrily beat up his girlfriend because he saw her taking a snapchat with a random guy in an event

In another story a girl dumped her boyfriend cause he refused to send her money for Christmas not minding the availability of the moneyIn the stories I got from a witness in a location in Benin, a man tricked his wife that he’s travelling for a Business and he returned home that same day suspecting his wife was cheating but came home to meet her doing her house choresHe already started losing trust in his wife because of the stories we share on Social media

All these are just few of the numerous stories that have led to broken marriages, relationships.As a matter of concern, we all have errors, issues and reasons we do what we do but the consequences are sometimes inevitableA girl will naturally dump her boyfriend because he couldn’t meet up with her needs like other girls enjoy luxury from their boyfriends, she begins to treat him like he means nothing and starts framing up issues to end the relationship

She does so much to frustrate him and the guy being a weaker vessel ends up commiting suicide upon discovering that the girl he invested so much on, has dumped himThe girl ends up with the other Rich boyfriend, when he gets broke again she dumps himIn other cases marries him and not enjoy her marriage

This is because she’s suffering the consequences of dumping the one who had nothing but cared so much for her even with his last bloodSocial media stories like the recent video from Bobrisky has poisoned the minds of some of our ladies especially those who love and are addicted to luxuriesOur ladies in our generation no longer have concern for love but wealthThey are all looking for already made men and not ready to work hard in creating wealth with their trying partner

They have failed to understand that love itself can create wealth and when you build wealth with the one who truly love and care for you, you will always find comfort in the relationship even when it eventually leads to marriageLadies stop chasing the one in wealth and build wealth with the one currently with you

These are what led to the DNA text results sagaBeware!Away from the Ladies, the men are also not perfect, they are even worse and they take the much of the blameThere are several men who chase after ladies in wealth too, they dry them up, cheat on them and run awayThe men also, but not all, are heartless, they beat up their wives, fail to take up responsibilities as husbands and sleep out with their concubines and leave their wives and kids starving

Some of these happen as a result of the advices they take from their pairs, lack of trust or because they feel their wives are getting old and fading away in their sightMen sometimes are really so heartlessOur young Boys lose respect, care and affection for their Girlfriends because of youthful exuberance

They feel that they are doing justice to life sleeping around, cheating on their girls and doing all sorts of things without putting their feelings in consideration and when they are confronted they become brutal and beat up the girlsMen don’t see anything wrong in sleeping out after marriage but they see everything wrong in their wives keeping home late or going out for fun with their fellow women

This circle is really complicated.I call for a stop to social media stories that has broken countless number of homes just in the beginning of this yearLet’s learn to teach some good morals, offer good advices, respect our relationships, mind our businesses, build relationships in love, trust and take responsibilities in themLet’s treat everyone with respect, let’s live happily and let’s grow a better society, abiding the principles of social values.

Samuel Iyobosa writes✍️

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