This is not some poetry but an article to recognise glaring issues of lifeWe all run different races at our own pace, conscious or not and such is the life we liveNothing waits for anyoneA quote from —Jack Lovelock “Big occasions and races which have been eagerly anticipated almost to the point of dread, are where great deeds can be accomplished.”

School: Life somehow at different world time zones have programmed us to have some level of education, formal to be precise with hopes it will fetch us better lives, that’s the race we run.

Food: This race is inevitable for everyone still livingChildren, youngsters, grown-ups, agedInspite race, complexion, and regional barriersIncluding every living thing both plant and animalsAnd for this we strive to meet the needs for as long as we live.

Shelter : A Necessity for man, the taste for quality differs with status, exposure etc and asides its aesthetic values, it’s primary value distinguishes wholly from other living things walking the earth

Wealth: Once a child comes of age, the quest to own money is doubled, and tripled the time he’s a young adultHe’s desires for everything changes, taste changes too and owning his own money, property etc to meets his now, and future needs becomes more prioritized, a challenging race indeed.

Others are health, fame, power, etcWorthy of reasoning is to ask ourselves, are these races really necessary, how about we just live free like the bird?

By mixgist

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