That a well qualified and multi-talented individual will be outrightly denied an opportunity to fulfill his dream, outrageous is to put it mildlyNow pointing the beam light on our very own Nigeria.

Illustratively, here’s a story of a young talent Ikenna who seemed to perform magic on the field anytime he played, the jeerings confirmed itHe worked so had and was highly admiredHe secured medals for his team who felt really luck and also jealous to have himIt so happened that a Portuguese team needed three players for further training to the peak of their career but a game was to determine that and being held outside the usual location, another coach was assigned, who had turned out to choose based on the higher paying playerThis bribery cost Ikenna a lifetime opportunity since he was too poor to affordNo, it was not politics but Sports, it should be unheard of in such sectorClosely observing, Nigerians certainly cannot afford to live in this corrupted world of ours.

A swift change is drastically needed, it should be everyone’s cry especially those on the grass-roots levels, to hasten and encourage young talents and people not to give up on football in NigeriaThese corrupted acts are clearly portrayed, not just with Ikenna but at all grade levels of football in Africa ranging from the youth teams to local teams, state teams and National teams.

Moreso, how else does one explain to another that being a female footballer, one has to play the football on the bed first with her coach rather than on the field? Blunt right? But again true and real, maybe blunt is just what we need to fix this unwholesome actThese acts and actions are evident on how African youths perform at the world stageNigerians keep getting beaten year in, year out.

If Africa really wants to be competitive and being counted among the best in football, corruption needs to be quickly eradicated and rightful talents have to merit their spots to represent their countries and continent at large and very proudly at thatThis is certainly not just a change we should seek in football but in every other sport such as tennis, volley, hand and basketball, jockey, track and field events etc. 

Written Victor

Edited Kani

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